Welcome to Psilo Sessions by Highsman, a concept developed by the legendary Ricky Williams. Our facility in Salem, Oregon provides a controlled environment for transformative psilocybin experiences. Join us for guided journeys through self-discovery and perspective-altering moments in a secure setting.




Sub-perceptual psilocybin doses over time to enhance creativity and well-being without a full psychedelic experience.

• Enhanced Focus

• Increased Creativity

• Elevated Mood

• Safe Environment

• Comfortable Full Reclined Seating

• Customizable Lighting

• High-Speed Wi-Fi

• Projector

*Group Discounts Available



Professionally guided session with a moderate-high psilocybin dose for self-exploration and emotional insights.

• Transformational Experience

• Personalized Guidance

• Safe Environment

• Comfortable Full Reclined Seating

• Customizable Lighting

• High-Speed Wi-Fi

• Noise-Cancelling Headphones

• Customizable Music Selection

• iPads for Entertainment or Research

• Creative Supplies for Drawing

• Chalkboard Walls

• Journals for Personal Reflection

*Group Discounts Available



A high-dose, immersive psilocybin experience for profound insights and therapeutic breakthroughs.

• Intense Experience

• Mental Expansion

• Spiritual Journey

• Safe Environment

*Group Discounts Available

Our priority is to ensure your comfort and convenience during every session, no matter the dose. Explore the unique benefits of each service with our thoughtfully curated amenities.



Spiritual Coach

Ricky Williams has devoted his personal life and professional career to inspiring greatness, whether in himself or those around him. His belief in the healing properties of cannabis is intertwined with a distinguished football career, and he credits smoking herb as a way of overcoming the challenges associated with being a professional athlete.

Williams’ widely acclaimed football career began at the University of Texas at Austin, where he was named a two-time All American. He was then drafted into the NFL where he was known as one of the most electric running backs of the century, playing for teams like the New Orleans Saints, Miami Dolphins, and Baltimore Ravens. Williams retired in 2011 with over 10,000 rushing yards and 74 total touchdowns, and was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame in 2015.

No longer burdened by the NFL’s marijuana policy after retirement, Williams began his professional journey into herbs and wellness. In 2018, he co-founded Real Wellness—an alternative health brand—after studying Ayurvedic and traditional Chinese medicine. 

Williams founded Highsman in 2021 to empower professional and everyday athletes, as well as sports enthusiasts, through cannabis. Williams studied the origins of cannabis in the foothills of the Himalayas, and spent years learning about the plant’s healing properties in order to develop a brand that helps all people spark greatness within themselves.

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OHA Licensed Facilitator

Sammy Kahuk, an OHA licensed facilitator, has devoted his adult life to innovating in the field of holistic health products, offering natural alternatives to traditional pharmaceuticals. His journey is deeply anchored in his passion for psychedelics and their potential to transform and heal. This commitment extends beyond his professional life, reflecting his personal dedication to exploring and understanding the benefits of these substances.

At the heart of Sammy’s philosophy is the belief that knowledge and understanding are key to overcoming life’s challenges, such as loneliness and financial difficulties. He is a strong advocate for the enlightening power of education in personal growth and well-being. Sammy’s recent appointment to the Board of Directors for Rising Awakening, a nonprofit organization, is a testament to his commitment to these principles. His role there aligns with his lifelong mission to promote holistic health and personal development through the responsible use of psychedelics, demonstrating his dedication to enhancing community wellness and individual enlightenment.

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OHA Licensed Facilitator

Dina Odeh, a licensed OHA facilitator, blends her Master’s Degree in Legal Studies with a Bachelor’s in Sociology to offer a unique perspective in holistic wellness. Her legal background ensures a thorough understanding of the complex regulations surrounding health practices, while her sociology degree enhances her insight into societal dynamics and individual needs. This combination allows her to approach her work with both professional rigor and a deep empathy for the diverse communities she serves. Dina’s dedication to her field is evident in her role as a compassionate advocate for the therapeutic use of psychedelics, a subject she is profoundly passionate about.

In addition to her facilitation work, Dina is a co-owner of The Psilocybin Center in Salem, a pioneering establishment in psychedelic therapy. Her involvement in the center is a testament to her commitment to creating a safe and inclusive environment for those exploring alternative therapies. Her unique mix of legal knowledge and sociological understanding ensures that The Psilocybin Center operates at the forefront of ethical and effective practice. Dina’s work is more than a profession; it’s a reflection of her dedication to advancing the field of holistic health and contributing significantly to the growing acceptance and understanding of psychedelics in wellness.

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